Making a difference to children’s lives

It’s time to come together and collectively demonstrate how much we care. dnata4good needs your support to help the children born into poverty in the world’s poorest regions. With Dubai Cares, we will build schools in Asia and Africa and break the cycle of poverty with quality education. We are ready to make a difference together – and it starts now with your contribution.


Donate a brick on behalf of a loved one, and help provide a quality education


Creating a better world for endangered wildlife

Our planet and its wildlife need your help. dnata4good is working with Rhino Revolution and Saving The Survivors to give back. We will assist the heroes working with injured, endangered animals. Every 11 hours poachers kill a Rhino for its horn. When poaching claims the life of an adult Rhino, its offspring has little hope for survival. They are nearing extinction, but together we can make a difference. Your donation will help us build a safe place for orphaned Rhinos so they have a chance to survive and thrive.


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